meet "chatty"

Hey, my name is Jocelyn.

CHATTYAFRO is my digital alias.


I'm just out here writing, vibing, and co-creating with YHWH for 🔥🔥fire🔥🔥.

art school dropout turned scholar

award-winning public speaker

youth mentor / educator

published academic

digital storyteller


You can find more of my work on YouTube, Queen City Writers, and

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Chat with you soon!

My Mission


CHATTYAFRO began towards the end of my high school career as an online alter-ego. I set out to reclaim and reimagine the "loud black woman" stereotype while championing nuanced thought. I wanted to find and amplify my voice outside of the one I used in speech tournaments, academia, and the workplace. In other words, it was a space to talk about what I wanted the way I wanted. Interestingly enough, by the time I set foot on my college campus, CHATTYAFRO preceded me, and I quickly became known as my social media alias among many of my peers. 

Things got messy when CHATTYAFRO overshadowed the real me. While attempting to stay abreast with hot topics, cool girl™️ culture, and the "right" radical things to say, I began to compromise my roots, values, and faith. I lost myself and my authentic voice. I lived for validation and the opinions of man. I perverted my God given gifts with the ways of the world. Jocelyn (the real me) was lost, deceived, and ironically very quiet.


At the beginning of 2019, after leaving my dream school, moving back home, and feeling like a failure, my close friend prophesied over me saying, "I see scales falling from your eyes this year. God is going to reveal Himself to you in a mighty way, and like Paul, you won't be able to turn back." This word from the Lord came to pass.

I thank the Lord for His saving grace.  After opening my Bible, picking up my cross, and following Christ, my Father in heaven turned my life around for the better. God’s plan. God’s pace. God’s grace.

I personally know Romans 8:28-30 to be very true. He turned what seemed to be a breakdown into a breakthrough. He uprooted, renewed, and transformed me. He ordered my steps and realigned my path in accordance with His will. He's given me vision for the Kingdom, and I now know why He gifted me with the voice I have. It's all for His GLORY.


I am a reader, writer, thinker, speaker, artist, and storyteller. I am an aspiring author and educator. Most importantly:

I am a child of God.

Joshua 1:9 says, "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go." This truth sustains me in the Spirit, in the world, and looking towards the future. As a young black woman with big dreams and a lot of odds seemingly stacked against me, the Word of God is a crucial ingredient in my revolutionary self-care.


History says "Be afraid." God says "Do not be afraid." Systems say "You're worthless." God says "you're my masterpiece." Folks say "be quiet!" But God made you for such a time as this, sis! The pieces on this blog are birthed from that paradox. I am who God says I am. We all are.