black sheep

the LORD is my Shepherd

but my fleece stands out

my ways, graze, and baaah

does not bring clout

i love God's green pastures

by His waters i chill

but some “love”

from some sheep

i sense is not real

they call dark fleece unclean

and ostracize what seems new

they gossip, judge, and tease

under the guise of

“praying for you”

there are goats, snakes, and wolves

yet they kick out other sheep

shepherds scoff at #churchhurt

yet ignore how God weeps

so i frolic with wild flowers

who grow near the cross

who don’t boast in self-righteousness

or look down on the lost

cause i peep wolves lurking

but the Good Shepherd is the best

and the way we treat black sheep

is a part of His test

"black sheep" by CHATTYAFRO

(after: Psalm 23; Psalm 100:3; Ezekiel 34)