Jesus is Lord. Words should bless. Truth brings freedom. 

I am a fearfully and wonderfully made, young, black woman.
Join me as I walk with Christ while unpacking race, exploring creativity, and processing womanhood.
I pray the words found here bless people from all walks of life.



Updated: Nov 15, 2020

I got oil where the magic used to be

placed by a prayer warrior’s decree

I got oil where the trauma used to be

Hot mess turned

Messiah’s masterpiece

I got oil where the curses used to be

anointing passed my past

and my ancestors’

and theirs...

all the way back to eve

i got oil

of joy instead of mourning

along w/ new mercies

every morning

i got oil

for such a time as this

i got oil

a Levitical drip


a Biblical trip

of triumph & tribulation


that confuses darkness


that confirms grace


that trades beauty for ashy-ness


that was pressed

then blessed

like me

© Jocelyn Billheimer all rights reserved

thumbnail photography by liz johnson artur


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