Small Strokes

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I'm a multidisciplinary artist who is willing to help bring your vision to life for an affordable flat rate! Check out my past work and aesthetic here.

  • Flyer

    Are you hosting an event and in need of an image to spread the word? I can design an orginal, eye-catching flyer that captures your event's vibe and communicates important details!


    Price: $50

  • Cover Art (album, song, podcast, etc.)

    Are you dropping an audio project and in need of fly cover art? I can put together a funky design that stands out from the crowd! 

    Price: $50

  • Clubhouse Logo

    Did you just start a club on the Clubhouse app but your logo is wack? The logo pictured above attracted 1k+ followers in only one month. Let me revamp your logo to help you stand out on the app!

    Price: $25

  • Video Edit (20min max)

    Do you have footage you need edited into a short video ready for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, or any other platform? I can splice, order, and bring life to your vision. However, I'm not accepting projects longer than 20 minutes.

    PRICE: $50 per final video minute


  • Personal Art Commission

    Do you want an original digital collage created for you or a loved one as a gift? I can do that. Physical prints available.

    PRICE: varies

  • Logo Design

    Are you struggling to design your own logo or find an affordable graphic designer? I've taken Graphic Design & Typography courses. So, I can help you bring your vision to life for a reasonable flat rate.

    PRICE: $150

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